Since April 2015 working at the Department of Environmental Law & Participation at UfU; Master’s degree in Urban Ecosystem Sciences at TU Berlin with focus on soil protection, hydrology and urban resources; previously Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences at HU Berlin with focus on agroecology and resource management. Practical experience through work at the Research Station for Plant Cultivation Sciences at the HU Berlin, at the State Institute of Apiculture and as a research assistant at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) Müncheberg

Porjects (selection)

Climate Protection through Energy Plants (CPEP 2): Energy Crops on Post-Mining Sites in Vietnam, (CPEP 2, 2020-2022)

Capacity building for the strategic promotion of young professionals in the environmental sector in the Republic of Moldova (2020-2021)

Practical handling of data of a register of contaminated sites using the example of Bắc Ninh province (2019-2021)

Capacity Building for local water management in selected regions in Ukraine (2019 – 2021)

Nature-based Solutions to strengthen climate resilience of Urban Regions in Central Vietnam (2019-2020)

Study: E-Learning Platform „Management of contaminated Soils in Vietnam“ (2019)

Technology transfer for the development of a catastre of contaminated sites in Vietnam (CapaViet), (2017-2019)

Capacity building for local authorities on water management in the Republic of Moldova, (2016-2018)

„Change the Grounds – Transforming Spaces for learning activities“ – How can schoolyards be redesigned, rediscovered and transformed?,  (2017-2018)

Energiepflanzenanbau auf stillgelegten Bergbaustandorten in Vietnam (2015-2018)

Bodenschutz Urban (2015-2017)

Publications (selection)

Haase, Dagmar; Hoang, Thi Binh Minh; Jache, Jessica; Konopatzki, Patrick; Nguyen, Dac Hoang Long; Rösler, Kora; Scheuer, Sebastian; Stolpe, Fabian; Sumfleth, Luca (2020): Nature-based solutions to strengthen climate resilience in the city of Hue. Status quo Report of the GreenCityLabHue Project. Berlin/Hue. Online:

Stracke, Karl; Konopatzki, Patrick; Trombitski, Ilya (2019): The implementation of the European Water Framework Directive on a local level in the Republic of Moldova. In: WaterSolutions. Water & Waste Water Technologies. Issue 1 2019, S. 30 ff., Vulkan-Verlag GmbH. ISSN: 2509-2731.

Mark, Harald; Konopatzki, Patrick; Kovac, Sarah (2019): Registration of contaminated sites in Vietnam. Part 2: Methods of recording contaminated sites using the example of Bac Ninh province. UfU-Verlag. Berlin.

Konopatzki, Patrick; Stracke, Karl (2018): Manual for the Management of Small and Medium River Basins in the Republic of Moldova. UfU-Paper 01/2018. UfU-Verlag, Berlin.

Mark, Harald; Konopatzki, Patrick; Kovac, Sarah (2018): Registration of contaminated sites in Vietnam. Part 1: Basic information. UfU-Verlag. Berlin.

Brömme, Katrin; Mark, Harald; Konopatzki, Patrick; Kovac, Sarah; Stolpe, Fabian; Weiland, Sebastian & Zschiesche, Michael (2018): Cultivation of energy crops on former mining sites on a pilot scale in Vietnam. UfU-Verlag. Berlin.

Stolpe, Fabian; Konopatzki, Patrick (2018): Boden – die natürliche Klimaanlage der Stadt. In: Knoblauch, Doris & Rupp, Johannes (Hrsg.): Klimaschutz kommunal umsetzen. Wie Klimahandeln in Städten und Gemeinden gelingen kann. Oekom-Verlag. München, S. 233-246.

Kovac, Sarah; Konopatzki, Patrick (2018): Handreichung „Utilization of Portable X-Ray Fluorescence-Spectrometers for the Registration of Contaminated Sites in Vietnam. Berlin.

Environmental Law & Participation

M.Sc. Urban Ecosystem Sciences
B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences

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