After 2012 back at UfU since 2016; International Master’s Degree in Technology and Resource Management at TH Köln, PUC Valparaíso (Chile) and the University of Yogyakarta (Indonesia) with focus on the intersection of water, land and biodiversity management; Bachelor studies of International Political Management at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen with focus on (citizen participation), participation, green economy as well as international cooperation; practical experience through participation in the tropical forest program of GIZ in Brazil, in the EU-Latin American research project “SALSA” of the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Bonn, as well as operative tasks of the German Ocean Foundation.

Projects (selection)

Practical handling of data of a register of contaminated sites using the example of Bắc Ninh province, (CapaViet 2, 2019-2021)

Strengthen Civil Society for the implementation of national climate policy, (ZIVIKLI, main project 2018-2021)

Study: E-Learning Platform „Management of contaminated Soils in Vietnam“, (DigiViet, 2019)

Technology transfer for the development of a catastre of contaminated sites in Vietnam, (CapaViet, 2017-2019)

Mobilizing the Co-Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation through Capacity Building among Public Policy Institutions, (Co-Benefits, 2017-2019)

Strengthening civil society for paving the way to sustainable decarbonization, (2017)

Environmental Analysis Vietnam: Capacity building and demonstration measures for the management of contaminated sites, (AnaViet, 2016)

Publications (selection)

Kovac, Sarah; Konopatzki, Patrick; Hantsche Louisa; Zschiesche, Michael (2020): E-Learning Opportunities regarding Environmental Protection in Vietnam. Berlin – (English)

Larissa Donges, Fabian Stolpe, Franziska Sperfeld, Sarah Kovac (2020):
Civic space for participation in climate policies in Colombia, Georgia and Ukraine. Independent Institute for Environmental Issues. UfU-Verlag Berlin. ISBN 978-3-935563-42-0

Sperfeld, Franziska; Kovac, Sarah; Stolpe, Fabian; Helgenberger, Sebastian; Nguyen, Minh Anh & Nagel, Laura (2020): Making the Paris Agreement a success for the planet and the people of Vietnam. Unlocking the co-benefits of decarbonising Vietnam’s power sector. Cobenefits Policy Report. IASS/UfU/GreenID. Potsdam/Hanoi. Online:

UfU & BUND (2020): Online Participation in Climate Policy: A guide to engaging stakeholders digitally

Helgenberger, Sebastian; Kumar, Ankush ;Sperfeld, Franziska; Kovac, Sarah; Nagel, Laura & Pahuja, Neha (2020): Making the Paris Agreement a success for the planet and the people of India. Unlocking the co-benefits of decarbonising India’s power sector. COBENEFITS Policy Report. IASS/UfU/TERI. Potsdam/New Delhi. Online:

Mark, Harald; Konopatzki, Patrick; Kovac, Sarah (2018/2019): Registration of contaminated sites in Vietnam. Part 1: Basic information and Part 2: Methods of recording contaminated sites using the example of Bac Ninh province. UfU-Verlag. Berlin.

Sarah Kovac, Franziska Sperfeld, Severin Ettl, Fabian Stolpe (2019): Zwischen Klimagerechtigkeit und der Implementierung der NDCs. Beiträge der Zivilgesellschaft zur Klimapolitik in sieben Ländern. UfU-Paper 1/2019, UfU-Verlag Berlin

Brömme, Katrin; Mark, Harald; Konopatzki, Patrick; Kovac, Sarah; Stolpe, Fabian; Weiland, Sebastian & Zschiesche, Michael (2018): Cultivation of energy crops on former mining sites on a pilot scale in Vietnam. UfU-Verlag. Berlin.

Kerth, Michael; Kovac, Sarah; Mansfeld, Tim (2018): Einsatz mobiler Röntgenfluoreszenzspektroskopie zur Altlastenuntersuchung in Vietnam. In: altlastenspektrum, April 2018, S. 59 – 68.

Kovac, Sarah; Konopatzki, Patrick (2018): Handreichung „Utilization of Portable X-Ray Fluorescence-Spectrometers for the Registration of Contaminated Sites in Vietnam”. Berlin.

Kovac, Sarah; Zimmer, Rene (2012): Energiepflanzenanbau und  Biokraftstoffproduktion in Brasilien. UfU Paper 5-2012, UfU-Eigenverlag, Berlin.

Environmental Law & Participation

M.Sc. Technology and Resource Management in the Tropics
B.A. International Political Management

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