7. July 2020

As part of the BEACON initiative (Bridging European and Local Climate Actions), UfU is working with the National Trust Ecofund Bulgaria (NTEF) in Sofia and the Association Sistemul National de Reciclare a Bateriilor (SNRB) in Bucharest to include, among other things, the bicycle cinema in Bulgarian and Romanian schools.

Therefore, a training for the teams of both organizations and teachers of the participating schools took place on June 30th 2020 in Sofia and on July 2nd 2020 in Bucharest. In these trainings, UfU employees shared their experiences and technical knowledge about using bicycle cinema for environmental education in schools.

How does a bicycle cinema work? The muscle power of ten cyclists creates electrical energy that operates a laptop, a projector, and a sound system. This gives the audience a unique cinema experience without the need for additional power from the socket.

In addition to the cinema pleasure an educational purpose is also fulfilled. The bicycle cinema makes it possible to experience energy generation and to deal with sustainable energy generation in a very practical way. It also provides an opportunity to think about mobility: What are the advantages of bicycles compared to the cars as a means of transport in the city?

These and similar questions were discussed in the bicycle cinema training sessions and the participants were introduced to the functioning and implementation of a bicycle cinema event. In the future, the bicycle cinema will be used primarily in Bulgarian and Romanian schools to raise awareness of the topics of energy saving and climate protection.