2. October 2019

Like many other organisations we are thinking about, how the transition to carbon neutral economic system can be done with the backing of the people. Is public participation the nimbus for that? What is the practice of public participation internationally? How can deliberations about climate protection address socio-economic benefits?

Those questions will be answered during a workshop on 16 October 2019 carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Science (IASS) and Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND e.V.) .

Venue: Hotel Grenzfall, Ackerstraße 136, 13355 Berlin

The following experts will be part of the workshop:

  • Dr. Michael Zschiesche, Director Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU)
  • Dr. Petra Künkel, Executive Director Collective Leadership Institute and Member of the Executive Board of the international Club of Rome
  • Tasneem Essop, Director Energy Democracy Initiative, Commissioner, National Planning Commission,  South Africa
  • David Dunetz, Transformative Education and Collaborations Curator Heschel Sustainability Center, Israel
  • Martina Richwien, Member of the Executive Board, IFOK
  • Agnese Ruggiero, Policy Officer, Carbon Market Watch
  • Laura Nagel, Communications officer, IASS
  • Nguy Thi Khanh, Director Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID), Vietnam

Facilitation by Franziska Sperfeld, UfU

Please find the detailed programme here.

For registration please contact: sarah.kovac@ufu.de.