Public participation in the nuclear repository search

Cross-border public participation in the search for a nuclear repository Challenges and success factors for cross-border public participation in the site selection process (HErüber)The Standortauswahlgesetz (StandAG), a german law defining the selection process, regulates the individual…

Data governance for a sustainable Berlin

The project "Data Governance and Regulation for a Sustainable Berlin" deals with the ecologically sustainable and public welfare-oriented design of the digital revolution in urban space.

Transitioning heating systems in public non-residential buildings

The project "Wärmewende in öffentlichen Nichtwohngebäuden" (" Heat turnaround in public non-residential buildings") deals with the refurbishment of school buildings and its effects, which was carried out as part of the school construction initiative of the city of Berlin.

Climate Funds Central Vietnam 2

This project funded by the climate funds of the Federal Foreign Office, allows four young Vietnamese to realize their own projects on climate mitigation and awareness-raising. All four projects have a strong focus on spreading climate protection awareness and address a wide range of people. The…

Air Quality Management Vietnam 2

Seit 2019 haben das UfU und Ecologic Institut im Auftrag der GIZ den Gesetzgebungsprozess zur Novellierung des vietnamesischen Umweltschutzgesetzes (LEP), insbesondere die Kapitel zu Umweltgenehmigungen und zur Luftreinhaltung, begleitet. Im Projekt „Untersuchung und Bewertung der Anwendbarkeit von…


From 2015 to 2018, the pilot project CPEP - Climate Protection through Energy Plants successfully demonstrated that sustainable cultivation of energy crops on post-mining sites in Vietnam is suitable for reducing the competition with agricultural land for the production of food as well as the…


The project focuses on the one hand on initiating civic dialogues and positioning processes regarding the implementation of the Aarhus Convention at the European level. On the other hand, it provides clear and tangible information and educational material in the areas of access to environmental…

IED Monitoring Slovenia

UfU supports the Legal-informational center for NGOs, Slovenia - PIC (Pravno-informacijski center nevladnih organizacij) in its advisory task to the Slovenian government for the improvement of its industrial emission monitoring system...

Datennutzungskonzept und Dateninfrastruktur

The UfU is involved in the evaluation and development of a data use concept. The aim is to make available the data stocks available at the German Environment Agency, which are of high value. Legal issues in the fields of data protection and copyright protection in particular must be analyzed.

Climate Funds Central Vietnam

This project funded by the climate funds by the Federal Foreign Office, allows three young Vietnamese to realise their own climate change awareness raising projects. All three projects have a strong focus on the communication of climate change risks and try to reach out to a wide circle of people.