Climate Funds Central Vietnam

This project funded by the climate funds by the Federal Foreign Office, allows three young Vietnamese to realise their own climate change awareness raising projects. All three projects have a strong focus on the communication of climate change risks and try to reach out to a wide circle of people.

GreenCityLab Huế

Cities are both drivers of global warming and especially affected by its impacts. A large population and energy-intensive infrastructures and facilities in a limited space lead to high CO2 emissions, while the conversion of natural soils and vegetation entail the formation of urban heat islands due...


Digital courses at online-platforms are in Vietnam increasingly important to share knowledge. Regarding the German-Vietnamese cooperation in the management of contaminated soils, online-trainings might be a promising approach to foster a wide-reaching national and international transfer of...

Air Quality Management Vietnam

The overall objective of this study is to provide decision-makers in Vietnam with examples of successful legislative air quality measures from different countries. This requires to review the laws of suitable countries, identify best practices and assess their transferability to the case of Vietnam.

Water Management Ukraine

The Ukraine is facing major challenges regarding the management of their river basins. The two selected regions for the project: The Ternopil region in the northwestern Ukraine and the Odessa region on the edge of the black sea are characterized by hot summers with low precipitation. As a result,...

ACCT - Act on Climate Change Together!

The project is run by the German NGO DRA together with three NGO partners in Russia the Polytechnic Peter the Great University of St. Petersburg and the German NGO partner Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU).The project aims to help representatives of NGOs and educational...

Environmental Information Croatia

Access to environmental information in Croatia is restricted to the extent that Croatia breaches its obligations under the Aarhus Convention. The specific reasons for the insufficient access to information in Croatia are, however, largely unknown. Zelena Akcija together with the Independent...

Civil Society Climate Policy

Environmental organizations have an important task in the implementation of the Paris Agreement on the national and local level: In their role as advocate of nature and future generations, they often demand more ambitious climate protection. Their expert knowledge makes them predestined for...


To successfully implement the Paris Agreement and the European climate and energy targets for the year 2030 and beyond, climate action needs to be enhanced on all relevant levels of governance.

Climate school Berlin-Athens

Climate School Berlin-Athens is a 28-month project aiming to augment the awareness of climate change and energy consumption in the school communities of the Municipality of Athens (MoA).