23. April 2019

The project aims to support local authorities in implementing water legislation through capacity building. The exchange with experts from Germany, both from the administration as well as from national environmental NGOs and experts from the Republic of Moldova, aims to strengthen transnational cooperation and to learn from previous experience in the implementation of the WFD.

For this purpose, results and experiences from the project “Capacity building for local water management in the Republic of Moldova” will be transferred to Ukraine and adapted to the specific conditions of the project regions in Ukraine.

For this purpose, representatives from Ukrainian NGOs and Moldavian NGOs and administrations met in Chisinau for the Kick-Off Seminar “Transboundary Cooperation for the Sustainable Management of Small Rivers in the Ukraine – the Dniester Tributary” in order to discuss: challenges and synergies for transboundary cooperation regarding capacity building for the management of small rivers in Ukraine, to exchange information on the status of surface waters and water management policies in the project regions, to look at the results and experiences made in Moldova regarding the process of implementation of the WFD, as well as to attend a meeting of the River Basin Council for the Baltata River which was instituted within the previous project in the Republic of Moldova.

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