Strengthening civil society for paving the way to a sustainable decarbonization

The International Climate Project, carried out by BUND/Friends of the Earth (FoE) Germany in cooperation with UfU, aims to support civil society in their efforts to strengthen national climate policy making. The project is financed by the „International Climate Initiative“ (IKI) a fund by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation, Building and Nuclear Safety.

In cooperation with groups from the FoE International network the project has a total duration of 9 months in which feasibility studies in 7 countries are being made. The seven countries are Brazil, Colombia, Uganda, Georgia, Ukraine, Philippines and Indonesia.

The idea is to assess the feasibility of the implementation of a three year project with the partner organisations in the mentioned countries. The three year project will be applied for after all the travels are done to all the countries and the feasibility is analysed. Thus, the current project is just a first step for a bigger follow up project.