Study: E-Learning Platform „Management of contaminated Soils in Vietnam“

Digital courses at online-platforms are in Vietnam increasingly important to share knowledge. Regarding the German-Vietnamese cooperation in the management of contaminated soils, online-trainings might be a promising approach to foster a wide-reaching national and international transfer of knowledge. This is especially true for the training of staff-members of the environmental agencies located in more than 60 provinces in Vietnam.

The study within the „DigiViet“ projects aims to analyze the potenials of an online platform to train the Vietnamese administration responsible in the management of contaminated soils. It also seeks to define the necessary characteristics of a training platform for the environmental administration in Vietnam, including format, server location and software. It also includes an assessment of suitable topics for the environmental agencies in Vietnam.

For the study, interviews with decision-makers from the environmental administration in Vietnam, with Vietnamese experts with backgrounds in soil management and public education are carried out. This is complemented by an online-survey of the environmental agencies in the provinces.