The energy transition as a technology of the future

The energy transition and renewable energies are extremely complex issues that affect our entire society. A successful energy transition is the prerequisite for future climate neutrality in Germany and the world.

The energy transition can be viewed from many different angles:

  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Society
  • Politics

These perspectives must be interlinked if the energy transition is to succeed.

Our work on the energy transition

The energy transition is a cross-cutting theme that runs through UfU’s work in many different projects. We address this topic in schools and daycare centers in particular. Children learn about the different types of energy in their school in our Fifty/Fifty projects. In our hands-on exhibitions, children learn about the complexity of the energy transition at various stations through topics such as line construction, regulating power plants for grid stabilization and storage systems. In the end, they convert our energy supply on the energy-saving carpet.

Above all, we empower children to think for themselves through innovative teaching methods. The young people answer questions such as:

  • What is the situation here (at the school)?
  • How do I get to school?
  • How do we heat at home?
  • How warm should it actually be in a room?
  • Where does the electricity actually come from?
  • What contribution can I make to the energy transition?

Contact person

Oliver Ritter

Energy efficiency & energy transition
Graduate economist
Project manager

Phone: +4930 4284 993 21


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