Mission statement of the UfU

The Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU e.V.) is a scientific institute and a citizens’ organization.

UfU has the goal:

  • compliance with the planetary boundaries
  • the decarbonization of society
  • More democracy through more participation
  • social justice and
  • an economy that is subordinate to these goals


For the social search and learning process on the way to a sustainable society, UfU wants to develop visions with politics, business and civil society, describe development paths and support and implement sustainable technical and social innovations.

UfU initiates environmentally friendly developments and processes. It initiates and supervises applied scientific projects, educational activities and networks that are publicly and socially relevant, push for improvements in the state of the environment and nature and require and promote the participation of citizens. In doing so, UfU helps to reduce the gap between knowledge and action by anticipating socially necessary changes.

UfU works in the tradition of the citizens’ movement of the GDR and sees itself as an independent and critical institution with an initiating, mediating and moderating function. Today, it secures its independence through diversified funding and clients. It carries out local and regional as well as national and international projects and participates in networks at all levels. It strengthens citizens’ commitment to environmental policy by providing information and advice.

UfU is a “learning organization” and develops a continuous learning culture.

That’s the way it should be:

  • constantly maintain and improve the quality of scientific activity,
  • create and maintain internal mechanisms and institutions for a continuous renewal and learning process,
  • constantly involve young scientists in the work,
  • involve not only employees but also members, supporters and volunteers in UfU’s activities and
  • strive for the highest possible degree of environmentally friendly, socially responsible and participatory working methods.


Adopted in this form at the UfU General Assembly in May 2017.