The acting Managing Board was elected at the general meeting in Mai 2017 according to the normal procedure. The board, which consists of seven members, will be working until spring 2020, when new elections will be taking place. Additionally there is an employee representative part of the Managing Board of UfU.

Managing Board

Dr. Michael Zschiesche (jurist and economist), chairman and spokesman of the board

Adrian Johst (biologist), first deputy chairman of the board


Committee members

Dr. Bianca Schemel (educational and cultural studies, freelance collaborator UfU)

Karen Thormeyer (landscape planner, Director of Grüne Liga, regional association Berlin)

Dr. Reinhard Klenke (biologist, project leader at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) Leipzig-Halle)

Malte Schmidthals (environmental engineer, longtime member of Managing Board of UfU)

Employee Representative Committee

Sarah Kovac

February 2020