UfU published more than 70 brochures and books covering different environment-related issues; most of them are only in german.

Books and Booklets

Larissa Donges, Fabian Stolpe, Franziska Sperfeld, Sarah Kovac (2020):
Civic space for participation in climate policies in Colombia, Georgia and Ukraine.
Independent Institute for Environmental Issues. Berlin. ISBN 978-3-935563-42-0

Kardinar, Alexandra et al. (Eds.) (2017): International Environmental Law Cases. Grafic Reports. Visual Research On Innovative Forms in Journalism. Berlin.

Euronet 50/50 max (2016): Everything you want to know about 50/50. Energy saving in schools and other public buildings. Brüssel. (40 pages)

UfU (2014): Climate Protection By Means Of Energy Efficiency. User Behaviour, Technology & Education. Conference Documentation. Berlin. (36 pages)


UfU regularily publishes interdisciplinary papers on important eco-political topics which are available for download. The following can be downloaded in English:

UfU Paper 01/2019, Sarah Kovac, Franziska Sperfeld, Severin Ettl, Fabian Stolpe
Between climate justice and the implementation of NDCs

UfU-Paper 01/2018, Patrick Konopatzki, Karl Stracke
Manual for the Management of Small and Medium River Basins in the Republic of Moldova

UfU-Paper 01/2017, Thiago Garcia
Multilevel Governance and Regional Climate Policy

UfU-Paper 02/2016, Lekha Sridhar
Citizen Energy and Public Participation in Germany’s Energiewende. Lessons for developing countries

UfU-Paper 01/2013, Fabian Stolpe
Education and Participation in the field of Climate Protection

UfU-Paper 01/2012, Anna Vateva
China´s rare-earth elements policy

Annual Reports

The annual reports are published every two years. The pdf-downloads for the years 2017/2018, 2015/2016, 2013/2014 and 2011/2012 can be found here.

Latest Publications in English