Since 2018 project manager in the field of energy efficiency & energy system transformation in the area of energy-saving projects at schools; before that since 1990 working as a freelancer for UfU on various topics (mobility, renewable energy in day-care centers, energy-saving at schools, conference organization)



fifty/fifty – Energiesparen an Schulen in Chemnitz, Markranstädt, Sachsen (SAENA) und Halle

Halbe-Halbe – Energiesparmodelle an Leipziger Schulen

Einführung von Energiesparmodellen in Schulen der Stadt Halle (Saale)

EUKI – Netzwerkaufbau und gemeinsames Lernen im Kontext der EU-Klimapolitik

Energy Efficiency & Energy Transition

M.A. Environment and Education
Geographer (Diploma)

Project manager

Phone: +49 (0)345 52480 46