Ecornet Berlin - "Knowledge.Change.Berlin": Transdisciplinary research for a social and ecological metropolis

Major cities like Berlin are facing immense ecological and social challenges in the 21st century. Climate change and resource consumption, as well as demographic change and the upheavals caused by digitalization, demand new ways of doing business and living together. Ecological and social issues must always be considered together: Necessary adjustments to protect the climate must be designed in a socially responsible way, and new business models and innovations must not cause further damage to the environment. The green and dynamic metropolis of Berlin has everything it takes to play a pioneering role here. With this in mind, the research project aims to set the course for the socio-ecological transformation in Berlin and utilize the city’s innovation potential.

In the project “Knowledge. Change. Berlin. – Transdisciplinary research for a social and ecological metropolis”, the Ecornet Berlin research network is developing recommendations for action with outstanding significance for Berlin’s sustainable urban development in the three subject areas of social climate change, sustainable management and digitalization. This unique project, which pools the knowledge and research expertise of five Berlin institutes of transdisciplinary sustainability research, is developing impulses for a socio-ecological future for the metropolis of Berlin.

The social climate transition cluster includes the project “Heat transition in public non-residential buildings“, which is led by the Energy Efficiency & Energy Transition department and is being carried out in cooperation with the Öko-Institut. The digitalization cluster includes the project Data Governance and Regulation for a Sustainable Berlin, which is being carried out by the Department of Environmental Law & Participation in cooperation with the ITZ and the Ecologic Institute and led by the Öko-Institut.

“The project “Knowledge. Change. Berlin. – Transdisciplinary Research for a Social and Ecological Metropolis” is being carried out with the financial support of the Governing Mayor, Senate Chancellery – Science and Research Berlin.”