„Change the Grounds – Transforming Spaces for learning activities“ - How can schoolyards be redesigned, rediscovered and transformed?

The project “Change the Grounds – Transforming spaces for learning activities” (funded by “Erasmus+”) shows teachers new ways of outdoor learning. A website and a handbook give the primary school teachers new inspiration to incorporate the schoolyard into their subject teaching: be it the mixing of colours with plants and blossoms; the construction of a bird’s nest; or simple calculation exercises using the slats of the fence. With creativity, and curiosity the pupils can rediscover the natural local setting in the schoolyard or a nearby park.

The inspiration through the handbook and the website can help the teachers to overthink and design their schoolyard or public spaces in a new way.


09/2017 – 08/2019

Cooperation partners

Learning through Landscapes, UK

Strom zivota , Slowvakia

INAK, Slovakia

Funded by
Erasmus+ Program of the European Union


Marianne Kühn 

e-mail: marianne.kuehn@ufu.de