The training scripts for teacher training are freely available. They were developed as part of the “EE teacher training” project between 2012 and 2014. They are designed so fundamentally that they can still be used today.

Each script is accompanied by various materials that can be used to carry out the event or as background information. These include action cards with work assignments, evaluation questions or job descriptions or experiment instructions. An extensive, cross-thematic bibliography with references to specialist literature, brochures, educational materials, films, online games and other web offerings for the classroom round off the service.

1. ready for the turnaround
Script (ppt, 58 slides)

2. interdisciplinary projects on renewable energies
Script (ppt, 40 slides)
Action cards (ppt, 102 slides)
Worksheet_Project outline (doc, 1 page)
Stationenzettel_Grundschule (doc, 9 pages)
Stationary_Secondary level (doc, 14 pages)
Task_Solar turnaround at the school (doc, 1 page)
Solarcafe questions (doc, 6 pages)

3. experiments with renewable energies
Script (ppt, 19 slides)
Action cards (ppt, 26 slides)
Experimentation instructions_primary school
(doc, 50 pages)
Experimentation instructions_secondary level (doc, 57 pages)

4. save energy
Script (ppt, 49 slides)
Action cards (ppt, 46 slides)
MindMap_Energy (doc, 1 page)
Maps_MeasuresEnergy_SavingHeat (doc, 3 pages)
Maps_MeasuresEnergy_SavingElectricity (doc, 2 pages)
Template_Newspaper article (doc, 1 page)

5. green professions
Script (ppt, 30 slides)
Action cards (ppt, 57 slides)
Guide_Research (doc, 2 pages)
Worksheet_Project outline (doc, 1 page)

6. alternative mobility
Script (ppt, 49 slides)
Action cards (ppt, 33 slides)

7. sustainable building
Script (ppt, 36 slides)
Action cards (ppt, 12 slides)
Energiesparhaus_blanco (doc, 1 page)
Checklist_Energiesparhaus (doc, 1 page)

8. visions for the future 2050
Script (ppt, 35 slides)
Future workshop_worksheet (doc, 1 page)
Zukunftswerkstatt_Satzanfaenge_Kartenabfrage (doc, 2 pages)
Future workshop_Worldcafe questions (doc, 9 pages)

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