Energy comprises energy efficiency, energy transition, renewable energies and energy savings, both in one’s lifestyle and the economic system. We develop educational material for all of these areas. In our projects we merge education with experience, for example through energy savings at schools, solar energy, sustainable lifestyle or economic system or climate friendly consumption.

We work in accordance with the principles of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). That means that we look for correlations and possible attractive socio-ecological development, increasing at the same time our own expertise, which allows for an engaged, emotionally rich, solidary and independent life.

Daycare centers, schools, universities, youth centers, environmental and youth association, companies, foundations and associations all work together in our cross-generational projects, activities and on our educational material.


  • Practical implementation and support for energy saving projects at schools and daycare centers; e.g. fifty/fifty
  • Consultations on municipal and European level on the practical implementation of the energy transition and its impact
  • Advice and support for users on energy efficient non-residential buildings, especially schools and daycare centers
  • Creation of educational material
  • Workshops and project days for schools and daycare centers
  • Advanced training and talks for multipliers
  • Conception and implementation of conferences
  • Supporting contests