In accordance with its credo „citizen-oriented environmental science“, UfU combines its research with the implementation of practical projects. This is why we often work with a focus on application-oriented projects.

In Environmental Law we look at how participation opportunities for citizens developed both in theory and reality. This can be done, for example, through empirical research, where we examine the scope, focus and success of civic commitment and participation.

Another focal point of the institute, which often deals with environmental law, is the methodological research of Participation and which possible improvements should be implemented for a better civic participation. To do that, the strategies and methods on participation in environmental protection and environmental law need to be developed, compared and improved.

Methodological research also plays a key role in Environmental Education, where both the knowledge and skill in the areas of Climate Protection, Energy Transition ans Renewable Energies are conveyed. Methods and educational material has been developed for all age groups to bring the topics out of the classroom and into everyday life. Furthermore, strategies are being developed to link the pedagogical approach with the direct results in climate protection, such as the incentive schemes for energy saving projects like fifty/fifty or educational solar plants for schools.

Another important topic is the conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity. This diversity is being increasingly threatened by climate change, land-use change or the emergence of invasive species. We work with partners and target groups by collecting data, setting up networks or training, to contain, for example, the spread of invasive species.