Conveying the basic knowledge on the natural and human-caused greenhouse effect with its resulting climate change, consequences and the most important global climate protection goals, is of great importance. This is why we use both the theoretical and practical approach to answer questions which, for example, deal with the issues that concern climate and climate equality and how they can be communicated to and are taken up by various target groups. One way we have approached such a question was to work together with climate witnesses and have them tell their stories on the impact climate change had on their lives.

Furthermore we develop implementable climate protection concepts in different areas, such as municipalities, schools or office buildings.


  • Concepts for climate protection at the municipal level
  • Energy concepts that combine both the technological and educational aspect in a user-friendly manner
  • Educational material on the natural and human-caused greenhouse effect
  • Teaching units on climate change and protection
  • Cross-cultural involvement of climate witnesses