The goal of participation is to incorporate the interests and concerns of most people in order to achieve better solutions. Both the participatory and implementing parties gain from participation procedures when the results are relevant to the decision making process and when there is enough time to incorporate the suggestions from the participants in the planning process.

Participation is a cornerstone of sustainable development, which is why children and young people have the right to participation and active contribution. Participation opportunities should exemplify to future generations that active participation plays a central role in democracy through experiencing first-hand the successes that participation can achieve.

Participatory activities cover a wide range here at UfU. They can include, among other things, the involvement of citizens in specific planning processes, organized stakeholder participation or participatory technology assessments.


  • Conception, planning and implementation as well as the moderation of participatory processes; e.g. citizen conferences, focus group dialogues, round tables, future workshops, World Cafés or scenario workshops
  • Studies, workshops and consultations on the development and strategic orientation of civil society organization
  • Stakeholder analyses