05. August 2021

Florian Kliche, Managing Director of UfU, is an honorary advisory board member of the Umwelt€uro. What he does there and what the Umwelt€uro is, he explains to us in a short interview.

UfU: Dear Florian, you have been a member of the Umwelt€uro project advisory board since 2019. What is the Umwelt€uro and how did it come about?

Florian Kliche: First of all, you have to know that there are simply an incredible number of non-profit organisations in Berlin that have good ideas and projects and are committed to this city. At the same time, the pavement is tough, especially for the small initiatives like neighbourhood gardens, non-profit workshops or educational initiatives. Many associations need regular donations and only survive through volunteers who support the associations in their free time. The Umwelt€uro is a campaign by the Berlin company GASAG, coordinated by Berlin 21 e.V., to support precisely these small initiatives and projects in Berlin.

UfU: How does the Umwelt€uro work?

Florian Kliche: As a non-profit organisation, I can apply to the Umwelt€uro with my initiative. For example, initiatives to protect city trees, to grow vegetables for children or to repair donated bicycles have already applied. The condition is that the project has an environmental connection as well as a relation to Berlin. We as the project advisory board look at the applications received and then include them in the campaign.

UfU: Once a project is included in the campaign, what happens next?

Florian Kliche: Now the collecting can begin. GASAG is providing 50,000 Euros for the campaign. Consumers decide which initiative gets how much money via the Umwelt€uro codes. These codes are available at various GASAG campaigns and also at the initiatives. This way, consumers can decide which initiative they want to support.

UfU: You are also the managing director of UfU. Why is the campaign close to your heart?

Florian Kliche: I am in a very good position. UfU now has almost 40 full-time employees working for us. This puts us in a position to participate in complicated tenders and to apply for large pots. However, one should not forget that there are many associations and initiatives that do not or not yet have this opportunity. That’s why I think it’s important to support this campaign.

UfU: Are there still free places for initiatives?

Florian Kliche: Yes, you can still apply. We are looking forward to more great projects and initiatives that want to take part in the campaign.


You can find the initiative here: https://unternehmen.gasag.de/nachhaltigkeit/umwelteuro