12. November 2021

UfU Paper 01/2021 on participation processes for climate policy-making

UfU Paper highlights strengths and weaknesses of processes for civil society participation in climate policy-making in nine countries

As part of the ZIVIKLI project, UfU published the study Civic space for participation in climate policies in Colombia, Georgia and Ukraine in late 2020. This study also included a chapter on “good practice” examples for participatory processes to involve civil society in climate policy-making at the national level.

After the publication of the study, questions were raised in related discussions and events with representatives of climate-driven civil society asking about identified shortcomings in the evaluated participation processes. These results of the ZIVIKLI research have not yet been published due to the focus on good practice aspects in the above-mentioned chapter.

With UfU Paper 1/2021 Building civic space for people-centered climate action? Opportunities and limitations of civil society participation in climate policy-making in nine countries, the authors broadened the analysis’ scope and present the results of their extensive research. Thus, the UfU Paper 1/2021 highlights both, the strengths and weaknesses of each of the participation processes examined, and provides initial suggestions for improving the weaker aspects.