10. November 2018

On October 30 and 31, the closing events for the project “Capacity Building for Local Water Management in the Republic of Moldova” took place in Chisinau.

The River Basin Council for the Baltata River, which was instated by the project, agreed on a management plan for the next six years. In addition, on October 30, the goals and outcomes of the project were presented to the public in a joint public press conference of UfU and the Moldovian project partners from Eco-Tiras:

After an introductory presentation of the project and its objectives by Karl Stracke (UfU), Prof. Dr. Roman Corobov depicted the impact of climate change on small and medium-sized river systems in the Republic of Moldova.

Following this, the Guide for local authorities and e-NGOs on the management of small and medium river basins in the Republic of Moldova in Romanian and Russian (a short version in English is available here) and a booklet on the status of small and medium river basins in the Republic of Moldova was presented by Ilya Trombitsky (Eco-Tiras).

Petru Vinari of the NGO “Parks of the Future” then reported on the work of the Baltata Water Management Council.

The following day, a closing workshop with representatives of local authorities, ministries, e-NGOs and the OSCE discussed the status of sub-basins councils for small and medium-sized rivers in the Republic of Moldova and future measures to reducing environmental burdens. It was pointed out that a cross-border exchange of experiences with regard to the establishment, organization and operation of river basin councils of small and medium-sized rivers from the Republic of Moldova with the neighboring country Ukraine shall be achieved.

In the context of the project, an UfU-Paper has been published. This paper summarizes a manual for the management of small and medium rivers basins in the Republic of Moldova, which originally was developed and published in Rumanian and Russian language within the project. The paper outlines its most important information for an English speaking audience and can be downloaded here.

Press release in Romanian language: http://ipn.md/ro/arhiva/94453

Press release in Russian: http://ipn.md/ru/arhiva/94453

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