Civil Society Meets Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

The main approach of the project is to foster the development of renewable energy (RE) & energy efficiency (EE) in Vietnam through capacity building for Vietnamese civil society organizations (CSOs) and local champions in order to improve energy access and living conditions of Vietnamese citizens.

Direct beneficiaries are CSO´s, including mass organizations and professional organizations, off-grid communities and areas with high poverty rates, schools in northern areas (for the decrease of energy consumption), reporters and journalists.

Main activities of the projects are the organisation and implementation of training workshops on RE&EE communication skills, the communications of the importance of RE&EE to the society by supporting CSOs and media and “Train-the-Trainer” workshops in order to qualify local multiplier for further training of local communities.

Expected results are the establishment of capable groups to disseminate RE&EE knowledge and practice, the improved public awareness of the importance of RE&EE, improved energy access in targeted communities and a decreased energy consumptions at targeted schools.

08/2017 – 07/2021

Cooperation partner
Green Innovation and Development Center (GreenID) in Vietnam

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Funded by
European Union

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Dr. Dino Laufer

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