Amendment of the monitoring system for industrial emissions in Slovenia (sub-study Germany/Bavaria)

UfU supports the Legal-informational center for NGOs, Slovenia – PIC (Pravno-informacijski center nevladnih organizacij) in advising the Slovenian government on improving the Slovenian monitoring system for industrial emissions.

The public in Slovenia has little confidence in the emissions monitoring system. The Ombudsperson for the Protection of the Fundamental Right to a Healthy Environment emphasizes two factors in particular that are responsible for the lack of trust: monitoring bodies are financially dependent on the operators of industrial plants, which in some cases leads to distorted measurement results. At the same time, the state control mechanisms are ineffective and insufficiently developed.

The Slovenian government has therefore decided to revise the regulatory system. Many of the requirements for monitoring industrial emissions originate from the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). PIC is conducting a comparative study on the implementation of emission monitoring of industrial plants in selected EU member states. The regulatory systems of Austria (Tyrol), Germany (Bavaria), Hungary and Croatia are examined. UfU prepares the analysis of the emissions monitoring system in Bavaria. In this way, we hope to provide valuable support to the Slovenian government in its efforts to strengthen confidence in monitoring results and improve state surveillance.