Towards introduction of Climate Action in the Educational Curriculum of Bulgarian Schools (TICA)

The project is a continuation of the UfU and NTEF project to establish climate protection in schools in Bulgarian educational institutions. NTEF is usually responsible for the renovation of schools and has expanded its portfolio in collaboration with UfU to include educational measures in the field of energy efficiency. The change in the user behavior of students and teachers is intended to contribute to a further reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the new project, a total of twelve instructors from Bulgarian teacher training will be trained and a permanent program will be developed for all teachers in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, teachers are later earning credits for this, which leads to an upgrade of their professional status. The teaching material developed is tested with the direct participation of teachers and students from preschool up to 7th grade. A total of 150 teachers and 3,000 pupils are to take part.

As part of the project there will be numerous study visits and workshops in which the curriculum will be developed. At the end in 2021 there will be a big final conference in Bulgaria.