28. September 2018

In September, a delegation of 20 Chinese judges from the province Heilongjang visited UfU during a study trip to Germany. In UfU they learned and discussed on access to justice and the growing importance of environmental law in Germany. In a two hours event, UfU Director Dr. Michael Zschiesche and UfU employee Anna-Julia Saiger from  the department Environmental Law & Participation answered questions raised by the high court lawyers from China and highlighted that court decisions are an essential part of German constitutional instruments for handling environmentalproblems. This includes both the use of environmental criminal law and lawsuits in the administrative courts, such as the lawsuits of the 300 registered environmental organisations. The lawyers from China were impressed by the diversity of environmental lawsuits at German courts. Also the current case against the use of lignite and the clear-cut of Hambach Forest in Northrhine-Westphalia was part of the following discussion. The event was organised by the Carl Duisberg Centres, a non-profit organisation for international education and human resources development from Cologne. The head of the delegation was Vice President Huaju Li from the Heilongjiang High Peoples Court.