Has been completing his Federal Ecological Volunteer Service at the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues in the field of climate protection and transformative education since January 2021; double master’s degree in entomology-ecotoxicology and social sciences with a focus on food safety and sustainability in agriculture as well as rural development and overcoming poverty from Adnan Menderes University in Turkey; previously a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering, also at Adnan Menderes University.

Practical experience through activities as a project manager and consultant on topics such as rural development, food safety and traceability as well as the integration of renewable energies into agriculture.


Publications (selection)

Celtikoglu, S., Possible uses of geothermal energy in agriculture in the transition to a new energy future. (Research article) Denge Magazine; Publications of the EU energy promotion program within the framework of the EU program “Civil Law Dialogue between the EU and Turkey”; January 12, 2016; Page 5 (2016).

Celtikoglu, S., The past, present and future of table grape exports in terms of food safety. (Research Article) Hasad Magazine, Edition: 313, 92-96 (2011).

Gencsoylu, İ., Celtikoglu, S., Sesamia nonagrioides (Lep .: Noctuidae) ve Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. (Lep .: Pyralidae) ’in I. and II. Determination of Contagion Rate, Larval Density and Locations of Plant in Corn. Turkey VI. Field Crops Congress, September 5-9, 2005, Antalya, Pages: 257-261 (2005)

Sami Celtikoglu

Climate Protection & Transformative Education

B.Sc. Agricultural Engineer
M.Sc. Entomology-Ecotoxicology
M.A. Social Sciences

Federal Volunteer

phone +49 (0)30 4284 993 23

e-mail sami.celtikoglu@ufu.de