Practical handling of data of a register of contaminated sites using the example of Bắc Ninh province

With CapaViet 2, UfU prolongs its engagement in the management of contaminated sites in Vietnam. Through the combination of measures of education, know-how and technology transfer and the support of cooperation across authorities, the capacities of Vietnamese public authorities in the registration and management of contaminated sites will be strengthened further.

CapaViet 2 continues the development of capacities built up in the previous projects AnaViet and CapaViet: In CapaViet for example, Vietnamese and German experts jointly registered potentially contaminated sites in Bắc Ninh province in a cataster. Now, these collected site contamination data will be evaluated and prioritized regarding the need to secure and remediate the identified areas. Based on these information, measures can be taken to prevent follow-up uses potentially dangerous to health.

Besides the continuation of our popular workshops about the on-site-determination of heavy metals in soils through mobile x-ray-fluorescence-analysis (mRFA), CapaViet 2 will carry out for the first time an online course about the management of contaminated areas for employees of Vietnamese authorities. A study trip to Germany will strengthen the exchange of knowledge and know-how between Vietnamese and German authorities and experts.

The project also initiates a dialogue between Vietnamese authorities to support a process towards a coordinated and continuous management of (potentially) contaminated areas in Vietnam, including the prevention of subsequent uses harmful for human health.

CapaViet 2 is financed by „Exportinitiative Umwelttechnologien“ of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety“.


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