Remediation of contaminated sites in Bắc Ninh province (CapaViet3)

The CapaViet3 project develops remediation measures for soil pollution and informs about ways to manage contaminated sites in Vietnam.

In the project, experts from Germany and Vietnam work together to develop suitable solutions and activities to secure contaminated areas and to avoid or reduce further soil contamination in Châu Khê in the province of Bắc Ninh.

The handicraft village Châu Khê is specialized in the recycling of iron and steel products. It was identified as an area under a particularly high suspicion of contamination during the historical investigations in the previous project CapaViet. In the Capaviet2 project, the area was surveyed in more detail and soil and water samples were collected and analyzed. This knowledge culminated in a report about the environmental status in Châu Khê.

In CapaViet3, experts will develop suitable remediation and safeguards measures to manage the issues identified in the environmental status report. The measures will be the basis for an environmental treatment and remediation plan for Châu Khê.

In addition to technical cooperation, the project offers further training opportunities on the topic of contaminated sites and soil contamination in Vietnam:

  • In a multi-day training course, experts will be trained in the use of equipment for on-site determination of heavy metals in soil.
  • An exhibition will inform decision-makers about impact pathways and proposed solutions for contaminated site management in the Châu Khê area.
  • The online course Management of Contaminated Sites will be updated and expanded.

CapaViet3 is funded by the “Export Initiative Environmental Protection” of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV).

Exhibition on the effects of soil pollution and options for action

In mid-April, an exhibition will be held in Bắc Ninh and Ha Noi to provide information on the effects and possible options for dealing with existing soil contamination using the example of Bắc Ninh province. The exhibition also serves to encourage decision-makers to discuss the further procedure for dealing with the investigated contaminated sites. The posters designed for the exhibition can be found below.

CapaViet3 - Poster (Zip) - EnglishCapaViet3 - Poster (Zip) - Vietnamese

08/2022 – 07/2024

Project partner
DONRE Bắc Ninh

Kerth + Lampe Geo-Infometric GmbH


MSP Dr. Mark, Dr. Schewe & Partner GmbH

Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA): Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment (FONRE)

Funde by
Export Initiative Environmental Protection of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection.

Arne Reck

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