Visions 2045 – Schools as drivers to Climate Neutrality in Cities

Schools are major energy consumers in municipalities, causing high CO2 emissions. As places where future generations learn, schools play a special role. This is where the Visions2045 project starts. The aim of the project is to accompany and support schools on their way to climate neutrality. Raising awareness and implementing concrete measures are the top priorities. From the youngest to the oldest, all stakeholders of a school are involved (school management, teachers, pupils, technical staff, administration, parents and representatives of the infrastructure involved, such as public transport, energy and waste management or the food sector). This facilitates the implementation of the goal of a climate-neutral school and the sustainable use of resources. Through the holistic approach, schools become drivers and role models in reducing carbon emissions and lead the way towards a climate-neutral city. Cooperation with local authorities also plays an important role.

What makes this project special is that schools from 6 municipalities and 3 countries are working together: Bulgaria, Poland and Slovenia. UfU is involved as a coordinating institution and builds on experiences from the KlimaVisionen project from Berlin.


  • Climate checks and calculation of CO2 emission at pilot schools.
  • Workshops for teachers (on-site training and study visits)
  • Vision workshops for teachers and students as a starting point for roadmaps towards climate neutrality and for pilot climate-action in schools.
  • Development of methodological material for schools and local governments to facilitate the implementation of climate protection measures on a broader scale
  • Networking events and exchange of experience (national and international)

11/2022 – 04/2025

Funded by:

European Climate Initiative – EUKI
This project is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

Marlies Bock